Fun desktop integration tasks

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Nov 28 07:18:34 CST 2004

> I'm sitting waiting for a couple of compiles to finish, so I thought I'd
> put together a list of fun/interesting tasks people might like to have a
> go at related to better integrating Wine with the native desktop.
> None of these should be especially hard, and so would provide a good intro
> to Wine development for anybody who has been lurking on the sidelines and
> wants to get involved.

Another suggestion, probably a bigger task: Look for common native 
applications and write entries for them into the registry. For example, I 
manually added an entry for KMail in \\Machine\\software\\clients and now I 
can select Kmail as the default Mail application in the internet options 
control panel(Which is created when Internet Explorer is installed). My 
registry entries look like this:

[Software\\Clients\\Mail\\Kmail] 1100110998

[Software\\Clients\\Mail\\Kmail\\Protocols\\MailTo] 1100110998
@="URL:MailTo Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""

[Software\\Clients\\Mail\\Kmail\\Protocols\\MailTo\\DefaultIcon] 1100110998
@="C:\\Program Files\\Opera\\opera.exe,1"

@="\"Z:\\usr\\kde\\3.3\\bin\\kmail\" \"%1\""

With Z: mapped to /

I selected KMail as the default Mail application, and when I open an Mail 
Address in MSIE kmail pops up. The same happens when I enter a maito: address 
in Task Manager->New task. 


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