Winecfg -> browse for folder

Robert van Herk robert at
Sun Nov 28 11:47:18 CST 2004

Mike Hearn wrote:

>On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 17:02:05 +0100, Robert van Herk wrote:
>>Ofcourse, but the api call SHBrowseForFolder returns a pidl. So making 
>>unix browsing an extra flag wouldn't be useful, if I couldn't return a 
>>valid pidl in the unix case.
>>Hmm, I guess perhaps it is best to make an extra api function for unix 
>>browsing anyway.
>Ah OK, I didn't realise that. You could always just cast the result, a
>PIDL is a pointer at the end of the day, but I agree that's rather ugly. A
>new Wine API seems like the best route.
OK! Currently I am trying to add some functionality for this in 
brsfolder.c. However, I ran into a (probably small) problem:

I added a new function SHBrowseForUNIXDirectory in brsfolder.c and added 
it to shlobj.h. Reinstalled the shlobj.h, compiled the shell32.dll, and 
installed that new one too. Also runned ldconfig (don't know if that is 
a must).

Though, when I try to compile winecfg (with the SHBrowseForUNIXDirectory 
call) I get:

../../tools/winegcc/winegcc -B../../tools/winebuild -mwindows 
appdefaults.o audio.o drive.o drivedetect.o driveui.o libraries.o main.o 
properties.o winecfg.o x11drvdlg.o   winecfg.exe.dbg.o winecfg.res -o -L../../dlls  -lcomdlg32 -lcomctl32 -luser32 -ladvapi32 
-lkernel32 -lshell32 -L../../libs/wine -lwine  -L../../libs/port -lwine_port
cannot find -lshell32
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
winegcc: gcc failed.
make: *** [] Error 2

I haved checked that the new version is actually in 

What am I doing wrong?


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