Fun desktop integration tasks

Alban Browaeys browaeys.alban at
Sun Nov 28 09:22:55 CST 2004

> Task 4:
> Try updating the menu mapping code to support the new XDG menu
> specification. Don't bother trying to make this work everywhere, it's a
> total nightmare. Just try supporting the new standards. Be warned: not
> every desktop/distro supports this yet!
> This one might be quite hard.

wineshelllink support update-menu which itself build xdg complient menu
(via /etc/menu-methos/menu-xdg).

I know mandrake and debian distro use "menu", need confirmation for
RH/Novell newest releases.

It would be more elegant to let menu manage gnome/kde/xgd/wmaker ... than
reimplementing them in wineshellink . The strongest point is that menu
build menu via methods which are tweakable by distro builder. Thus it will
avoid to upgrade wineshellink whenever we want ot support gnustep xdg
version 12 and the like .


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