working together on stdole.tlb and a end to dcom9x

Mike Hearn mh at
Mon Nov 29 03:23:23 CST 2004

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 03:48:24 +0100, Sam Lauber wrote:
> No. I used the InstallShield program for Flash MX, and it didn't work.
>  Without stdole32.tlb, it whined like a baby about OLE. With
>  stdole32.tlb, it (not the whole system) froze up during the "preparing"
>  stage when it hit 100% and left a phantom window that was blank when
>  and after I quit Wine. I think, for InstallShield, someone has to
>  implement a special trap(s) for OLE calls. Also, a stdole32.tlb copied
>  from a real Windows system didn't work. Clearly, it isn't a hole in
>  InstallShield, but in Wine's typelib support. Someone should develop a
>  Wine testcase that tests typelibs. Does anyone know of a typelib
>  testcase?

I wouldn't jump to conclusions. If it dies at 100% of preparing it's
likely to be the marshalling that's up the spout. Can you send a
+ole,+olerelay trace to me please?

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