Changed IE6 install script to run IE6 completely out-of-box

Hajime Segawa winetips at
Mon Nov 29 06:20:25 CST 2004

>Quick tip: if you grab the IEBATCH file from my IE installer script:
>and put it in your script then the IE installer won't prompt the user for
>any information when installing. This is good as not all the things it
>would otherwise install work yet. Also it makes it a fully automatic
>hands-free install which I quite like.
Thank you for your advice.
OK, I've implemented fully-automated install option in my script using 
iebatch.txt from your script.
I also included some workarounds and ie6 can be installed with default 

Also, there are another two new features :
Internet Explorer setup can be downloaded during install.
Multi language support started.

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