automatic tests screwed up again

Paul Millar paulm at
Mon Nov 29 18:42:28 CST 2004

On Monday 29 November 2004 21:33, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> "Ivan Leo Puoti" <puoti at> writes:
> > The test actually is at
> >
> >0411251000-paul-mingw.exe can someone please fix this?
> Paul, could you please fix your tests.url (or the script
> generating it)?

Yup, mea culpa.  When we changed the format of the actual URL (to 
include -paul-mingw.exe) I forgot to change the embedded URL within 
the .exe


The fixes worked within testing, so I've updated the production 
workspace.  All things being equal tomorrow's build (presuming 
they'll be one) will include binaries that refer to themselves 

BTW, I've also taken the opportunity to add some additional metadata, 
such as the versions of all the toolchain used to generate the .exe.


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