How to deal with C++ APIs in wine spec file

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Oct 1 10:01:07 CDT 2004

Jon Griffiths wrote:
>>I have to write a spec file so that a winelib application can use a third
>>party dll. The problem is that APIs in third party dll are written in C++.
>>As c++ names and parameters are mangled, how can i call them in spec file?
>>how can I call a class constructor (which is built form
>>another class) in spec file? Can anyone provide me an example? 
> This is possible, although it is not immediately obvious. 

I think the original poster wanted to use a closed-source third-party DLL
written in C++ and compiled with MSVC.  AFAIK none of your
suggestions address that case.
- Dan

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