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Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at
Fri Oct 1 10:59:46 CDT 2004


> There is no point in sending WM_QUERYUISTATE. I believe it is only 
> really used for the toolbar control, but the native comctl32 has a 
> common framework that means it is sent for all controls.

Sure, it helps when diffing the traces of native and builtin though.
By sending this and creating the scroll window later I get the exact
same traces and window handles as native. That makes it a lot easier
to find differences later on. Its also concievable (though unlikely)
that the parent may use the message to determine the control is being

> I haven't looked at the rest of the changes yet and I won't have a 
> chance until Sunday, but the changelog looks sane enough.
> Is it possible to split the patch up to make it more easily
> reviewable?

Possible, but a lot of work. the change to pass infoPtr around hits
every function definition and function call, and the change to use an
accessor hits every access to the infoPtr->items array. I'm happy if
Alexandre doesn't commit until you've had a chance to review it


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