TIME_GetTZAsStr problem with "UTC"

Jacek Caban jack at itma.pwr.wroc.pl
Sat Oct 2 18:12:43 CDT 2004


I got this communicat:

fixme:ntdll:TIME_GetTZAsStr Can't match system time zone name "UTC" to 
an entry in TZ_INFO
fixme:ntdll:TIME_GetTZAsStr Please add appropriate entry to TZ_INFO and 
submit as patch to wine-patches

so I wanted to send patch, but "UTC" is time convencion, not Local Time 
Zone. I've checked my Linux

$ date
sob paź 2 23:06:33 UTC 2004

It seems to be bad Linux configuration, but it's my default 
configuration (I use Fedora Core 2, my Local Time Zone
is CEST). I think Wine should do something in this this case, but I 
don't know what. Any idea?


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