Setting DllOverrides by script

Vincent Béron vberon at
Sat Oct 2 12:33:32 CDT 2004

Le ven 01/10/2004 à 22:20, Bill Medland a écrit :
> I stopped concentrating for quite a few months and now the whole config system 
> has changed.!!  Any chance of some help?

I'll try, but not knowing what's your last known setup it might be not
that complete.

> When we released the previous version of our product on Linux we included a 
> couple of perl scripts etc. for setting up the Wine suitably, including 
> adding a couple of drives, setting the path, modifying dll overrides.
> Now I am trying to figure out how to do it all with the new config system.
> Doing the drives is easy; a couple of symlinks.

Drives and devices are symlinks in ~/.wine/dosdevices, pointing to the
Unix one. Devices names for drives (like cdrom) are of the "d::" format,
with a double colon, while other DOS devices are just the name ("com1",
"lpt1"), all pointing to the corresponding /dev entry.

> Doing the path is easy; regedit /s /E and regedit /s <filename>

Setting the path env-variable for Windows apps? Or app-specific paths?
If the latter, wouldn't it be easier to provide a .reg to do that
instead of exporting the whole registry?

> The problem I am having is with the DLL overrides.
> I see that they are now based on HKLM\Software\Wine\Wine\DllOverrides.
> How do I get them in?
> It seems to me that the only way that works is to edit the config itself and 
> then restart the wineserver.  Is that correct?  (If so the no big deal)
> (I can't seem to import into the config using regedit nor can I actually edit 
> the subtree under the GUI)

Those (dlloverrides) are still in config, look at
documentation/samples/config. You can set them globally or on a per-app
basis. They can also be set as a Unix env-var, WINEDLLOVERRIDES, for
quick one shot deals.


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