Regression to Get IE Help to Work after September Snapshot

Dan McGhee farmerdan at
Sun Oct 3 05:13:57 CDT 2004

Filip Navara wrote:

> Dan McGhee wrote:
>> Filip Navara wrote:
>>> This commit adds implementation of the ITSS library that is used to 
>>> read the Html Help files. Maybe you can try
>>>    WINEDLLOVERRIDES="*itss=b" wine xxx.exe
> Oops, sorry, I meant
>    WINEDLLOVERRIDES="*itss=n" wine xxx.exe
> (ie. use native itss.dll)
> Anyway, thanks for the debug log.
> - Filip

That's OK.  Anyway I get the same results whether itss is native or builtin:

1.  Using "fake windows" generated by ./tools/wineinstall BEFORE 
20040824 16:00:16 CDT, IE Help works--using this "fake windows" with 
wine built from the latest snapshot works.

2.  Using "fake windows" generated by ./tools/wineinstall AFTER 20040824 
16:00:16 CDT, IE Help does not work.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.  I'm not a 
programmer, but I can follow instructions quite well--chuckle.


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