Setting DllOverrides by script

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> Le ven 01/10/2004 à 22:20, Bill Medland a écrit :
> > I stopped concentrating for quite a few months and now the whole config
> > has changed.!!  Any chance of some help?
> I'll try, but not knowing what's your last known setup it might be not
> that complete.
> > Doing the path is easy; regedit /s /E and regedit /s <filename>
> Setting the path env-variable for Windows apps? Or app-specific paths?
> If the latter, wouldn't it be easier to provide a .reg to do that
> instead of exporting the whole registry?
Don't worry about this one;I have it all figured.  Of course I only export
HKCU\Environment; grep out the path, create a 4-line reg file and reimport.
(Surely one can't just provide a .reg for the path; additions have to be
merged into what is already there.)
(I also note that the
doesn't do anything yet)
> >
> > The problem I am having is with the DLL overrides.
> > I see that they are now based on HKLM\Software\Wine\Wine\DllOverrides.
> > How do I get them in?
> > It seems to me that the only way that works is to edit the config itself
> > then restart the wineserver.  Is that correct?  (If so the no big deal)
> > (I can't seem to import into the config using regedit nor can I actually
> > the subtree under the GUI)
> Those (dlloverrides) are still in config, look at
> documentation/samples/config.
Yes, and that is mounted into the registry as HKLM\Doftware\Wine\Wine.!!!
> You can set them globally or on a per-app
> basis. They can also be set as a Unix env-var, WINEDLLOVERRIDES, for
> quick one shot deals.
Yes,I understand that.

My question was to do with the mechanisms available for modifying them.  You
seem to be confirming my suspicion that the only way is to edit the config
file itself and restart the wineserver; we can't edit that branch of the
registry tree through regedit (either using the GUI or by import).

> Vincent
Thanks for the reply

Bill Medland

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