Audit the buttons code

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Oct 4 08:39:24 CDT 2004

"Robert Shearman" <rob at> wrote:

> >"Button" is a built-in user32 control and has nothing to do with comctl32
> >at all. Same for all other controls in the dlls/user/ subdirectory.
> >  
> >
> That was true up until Windows XP. All of the built-in user32 controls 
> have now been copied into comctl32 and extended.

I can't believe that a simple win32 program linked against user32 only
under XP starts to depend on comctl32 as well. user32 in XP can't depend
on comctl32 too. "Button", "listbox", "combobox" and others were always
a part of user32, moving them into comctl32 would break a lot of apps.
Perhaps comctl32 simply subclasses standard user32 controls and adds
"skinning" for them?


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