Audit the buttons code

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Oct 4 08:51:59 CDT 2004

On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 10:39:24PM +0900, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> I can't believe that a simple win32 program linked against user32 only
> under XP starts to depend on comctl32 as well. user32 in XP can't depend
> on comctl32 too. "Button", "listbox", "combobox" and others were always
> a part of user32, moving them into comctl32 would break a lot of apps.
> Perhaps comctl32 simply subclasses standard user32 controls and adds
> "skinning" for them?

I think they just made a copy into comctl32, but this is more of a gut
feel than anything else :) Anyway, MS now documents the standard controls
together with the common ones (which makes sense, logically they belong
together, they are all controls after all), so my comment is OK for its 
purpose (which is to correctly identify the piece of documentation that
the audit was against).


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