Tab control update

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon Oct 4 09:16:05 CDT 2004

>>I can see how you can send ASCII message first and then send
>>UNICODE message which will screw things up.
> I don't know what you mean. Can you give an example?
Sorry, I haven't paid attention to how we store text. So it shouldn't
be an issue.

>>You missed insert items with text part inside create_tabcontrol.
>> Besides as is it's failing for me. When I change text of the first 
>> tab "Tab 123" it's changing returned width.

> Its measuring the size of the text, so _of course_ it will fail if
> you change the text. If it fails on a standard windows setup I can
> rework the test to calculate the text width manually for the
> comparason. But I don't have a win system setup here to test ATM. The
> test works here with builtin and native comctl32.
What I was talking about as in the tests/tab.c function create_tabcontrol
besides creating tab control itself, inserts three tabs with text. With
first tab being "Tab 123". Even when you not specify "TCIF_TEXT" tab still
has that text in it, it's just not displayed.

As-is (no changes) your test fails for me. Try setting some common font
with known size. BTW I tried that and it didn't work right. So we have some other
problems here.

>>The reason why I didn't test this is because the width of the
>>tab depends on it's text width. Which is kind of hard to test
>> (different fonts, different font sizes etc.).

> If the tab doesn't have text and/or icons and tabs are not fixed
> width the size is currently wrong. The patch fixes those cases (that
> my app depends on) and doesn't break any other case that I tested.
> Can you provide a case that I broke that wasn't already broken?
No, I don't have such a case. The problem is it's not exactly right. And some of
your tests fail for me. I don't think AJ will except you patch if it doesn't pass

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