winedbg - No debug info showing

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Mon Oct 4 17:00:04 CDT 2004


I just hit a trap in a d3d8 test I was running, and winedbg isnt showing the
module information (I've put a manual DebugBreak in, and stepped through the
call to a fixme, and I see no info!). This was on my temporary wine machine,
so I dont know if its ever worked before, but I have a basic (cvs) install,
no special info.

I am sure winedbg used to show the d3d8 functions in the past. Note that
because they are in COM routines, they dont have to be exports, but I dont
know if they are or not. nm does seem to show the entrypoints,
so is there anything I am missing - configuration wise, setup wise etc?


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