building on P3 for a P2

Vincent Béron vberon at
Tue Oct 5 09:57:12 CDT 2004

Le mar 05/10/2004 à 08:34, Carl Karsten (435025) a écrit :
> I want to run wine on a P2 laptop that doesn't have compiler and such installed.
> I have a P3 box that does.  I looked over the results of ./configure and didn't
> see anything that looked like it had turned on any P3 specific options.
> The plan is to compile on the p3 then on the P2 nfs mount the wine source dir
> and run make install.

If you don't specify any -march flag, it'll default to the compiler's
default (probably run on i386, optimize for i686).

So no, there shouldn't be any problem (unless you specify a -march flag
bigger than pentium2).


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