kind of newbie question :)

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Oct 6 09:04:38 CDT 2004

Le mer 06/10/2004 à 05:04, Carlo Bono a écrit :
> first of all, excuse me for my bad english. but i hope it will be the
> worst thing that all of you will read here :))
> i'm trying to port an industrial application on linux, some people
> suggested me to try to compile it using wine/winelib. i documented
> myself a bit on it, and i tried to build a sample application (as the
> user guide tells, winemine :D) but winemaker DOES NOT genreate any
> configure script! wine version is 14/9/2004 and was compiled from
> source on slackware 10.0 running on a via C3 (intel x86 100%
> compatibile). is there any suggestion or workaround, or maybe this is
> normal, or maybe then i'm forgetti something really stupid? (maybe not
> so stupid, don't think it makes a difference :D)
> i also tried to generate by myself a configure script, using tools as
> autoscan, autoheader and autoconf, and trying to "fine tune" the
> output script by hand, but i could not manage to get the application
> compile. something tells me i'm not on the right way to compile a
> greater, more complex program like i have to do :)))
> thanks anyway just for reading this post!

The winelib-user-guide was out-of-date for that section. Current cvs
version is closer to how it works now.

Try building notepad instead of winemine, following the version at (or
the doc on after the next snapshot is out). Looking at the
diff from 1.10 to 1.11 along with the current version on winehq should
point you what changed exactly.

Basically, there's no configure script anymore for winelib apps, just a


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