Winefile: fix "move file" implementation

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Oct 6 19:50:30 CDT 2004

"Martin Fuchs" <martin-fuchs at> wrote:

> Come on - is this really that difficult?  ;-)
> And as you see, I will maintain it for you.

The problem is not whether you are maintaining it or not.
It's about a programming practices in Wine for internal
Win32 code. Using TCHAR buys you nothing. That's not you
really want to maintain. Why do you need to hide real API
names and types?

That approach leads you for instance to the following buggy
code: reactos/lib/user32/windows/messagebox.c. A developer
who has ported Wine code simply does not see a difference
between A and W kind of APIs and types and uses type casts
to hide compiler warnings. That code is terribly broken, but
it's very hard to find.


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