Winefile: fix "move file" implementation

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Oct 7 06:36:28 CDT 2004

"Alexandre Julliard" <julliard at> wrote:

> > The problem is not whether you are maintaining it or not.
> > It's about a programming practices in Wine for internal
> > Win32 code. Using TCHAR buys you nothing. That's not you
> > really want to maintain. Why do you need to hide real API
> > names and types?
> Maybe we should forbid TCHARs in the programs/ directory too...

In that case programs should be compiled with __WINESRC__ defined,
but that will require to use explicit A/W win32 type and API names.

At one point programs directories were supposed to be a sample for
porting existing win32 code to Wine (and that's still the case),
so I'm afraid we can't move in that direction (although I'd prefer
to not see TCHARs used in the Wine tree).


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