dbghelp functions are A only

Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Thu Oct 7 07:21:43 CDT 2004


I noticed that dbghelp's functions are only implemented as A variant,
while MSDN says they're available as either Unicode or Ascii variant.
Should we rename the current ones A and create stub W before properly
implementing in W and make the A call the W?

Also, I noticed quite a lot of prototypes in dbghelp.dll from MSDN with
PTSTR or PCTSTR types for strings instead of LPTSTR. Should the
prototype in dbghelp.h and the actual implementation use PTSTR or

The origin of all this is because following email from François
yesterday about wineapi_check, I wanted to add the types for each dll in
win32.api to reduce the number of lines emitted by the tool, but I have
questions as to how to do it properly.


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