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Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Thu Oct 7 10:06:37 CDT 2004

Le jeu 07/10/2004 à 10:56, Ivan Leo Puoti a écrit :
> > Maybe we should forbid TCHARs in the programs/ directory too...
> OK this is probably a lame question, but what does one do when he wants to
> implement a function that has a TCHAR parameter?

TCHARs are WCHARs when UNICODE is defined, CHARs when it's not.

This, plus the conditional #defines for FunctionName FunctionNameW if
UNICODE or FunctioneName FunctionNameA if not UNICODE, results in 1)
confusion for the user of such constructs (TCHAR) (or maintainer of such
code), and 2) the ability (under some circomstances) to use the same
code with different meaning (if UNICODE is defined or not).


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