MD{4,5}Final number of parameters

Filip Navara xnavara at
Thu Oct 7 12:43:14 CDT 2004

Vincent Béron wrote:

>There seems to be a problem with the number of parameters MD{4,5}Final
>expect (haven't checked SHA).
>advapi32.spec defines it as follow:
>@ stdcall MD4Final(ptr ptr)
>@ stdcall MD5Final(ptr ptr)
>But the actual implementation in crypt_md{4,5}.c are:
>VOID WINAPI MD4Final( MD4_CTX *ctx )
>VOID WINAPI MD5Final( MD5_CTX *ctx )
>Also, after a bit of googling I found
>, which
>uses MD5Final() with 2 parameters:
>MD5Final(response_md5, &md5c);
>So which one is right?
The one with two parameters. The first one is context and the second one 
is the result (array).


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