Wineconf 2005

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Oct 8 13:37:52 CDT 2004

> Just wanted to reiterate the Cyprus idea (Jeremy, please don't tell me 
> you didn't see it coming). If it's there, I'll take care of 
> administrative stuff (hotel, conference rooms, etc.).


I have issues with Cyprus.  First, it's a minimum of two transfers
and 16 hours on a plane for me to get there.  Second, it's more
expensive ($1000 instead of $600) for a ticket, and once I'm
there, hotels are more costly.

Second, no one of us lives there; at the very least, I want to go
somewhere where someone I know has wandered the neighborhood
and can vouch that there are a mix of different hotels and
a nice collections of bars + restaurants.

For me, it will also be more challenging to tell my wife I'm
going to Cyprus than to some more pedestrian place <grin>.

Now add $1.74 to that $0.02, and you've got a cup of coffee.



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