cvs update mystery

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Sat Oct 9 20:55:59 CDT 2004

Try "cvs update -dPR", that fixed a similar problem for me once (not in
wine, though)
(-d adds new directories, -P removes empty directories, -R recurses into


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Last night I did a cvs update and built, and got a build failure
dlls/amstream/amstream.c:40: parse error before "AM_Vtbl"

Evidently cvs update failed to update the files in dlls/amstream,
as it failed to pick up that part of this change:

2004-08-12  Alexandre Julliard  <julliard at>

	* dlls/amstream/amstream.c, dlls/amstream/main.c,
	  dlls/avifil32/acmstream.c, dlls/avifil32/avifile.c, ...
	  dlls/winmm/wineaudioio/audio.c, dlls/winmm/wineoss/audio.c,
	  include/objbase.h, include/rpcproxy.h:
	Get rid of the non-standard ICOM_VTABLE macro.

Repeated 'cvs update's didn't fix it.   cd'ing into dlls/amstream
and doing a cvs update directly in that directory worked, though,
and got me new versions of the files in that directory.

How strange.  Maybe I'll stop using this newfangled cvs system
and fall back on the old reliable ... uh, wait, cvs *is* the
old reliable one... grr...
- Dan

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