MM doc update

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Oct 11 07:58:20 CDT 2004

Eric Pouech wrote:
> which one ? I just checked the MM and the ntdll/kernel sections and they 
> look ok here. looks more a html browser setting issue, rather than a 
> winehq one (unless you don't have fixed fonts installed)


it's understandable but looks a bit messy.

> IMO, we should be able to build the doc without too many dependencies 
> and also still to be able to generate PS, pdf and even full txt 
> documentation. The real solution would be SVG embedded in DocBook so 
> that it could be rendered into the various output formats.
> But this doesn't seem to be fully ready for prime time (at least last 
> time I checked).

True, but I think it would be possible to have pre-rendered versions in 
CVS. I know Alexandre doesn't like binaries in the tree but I think PNGs 
generated from the SVG inputs would be OK as they'd hardly ever change. 
Then you could embed the images directly into the DocBook.

thanks -mike

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