winetest results refused when run by wine

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Oct 11 08:59:25 CDT 2004

"Paul Millar" <paulm at> wrote:

> fstatvfs.o /home/paulm/Production/wine-cross-source/libs/port/fstatvfs.c
>   In file included 
> from /home/paulm/Production/wine-cross-source/libs/port/fstatvfs.c:22:
>   /home/paulm/Production/wine-cross-source/include/wine/port.h:286: warning: 
> `struct timeval' declared inside parameter list

This should be fixed by the patch "Include sys/time.h in wine/port.h in order
to get struct timeval definition for futimes on Cygwin" I sent yesterday to


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