shlfolder test fails on my system

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon Oct 11 09:10:09 CDT 2004

>> Well, I tried to shuffle the order of creation of these
>> files. The results I got was as follows:
>> - On windows I was getting "sorted by name" order.
>> - On Linux I was getting creation order.
> Funny thing is I work on Suse Linux 9.0 with current wine CVS and
> IEnumIDList in the shelfolder test returns for me test.txt, testdir2,
> test1.txt, test2.txt, and test3.txt in that order. So I can't confirm
> the idea that Wine under Linux would always enumerate files in a directory
> nor in alphabetically order nor in order of creation.
I'm using ASP Linux at home (FC1 based) with ext3 file system. I should try this
at work (SuSE 9.1) with reiserfs.

>> I tested XP, 2003 and 98 all with same results. So my 
>> assumption was that I would always get the "sorted by name"
>> order from windows no meter what. I could be wrong here. If
>> this is the case it has something to do with SHFolder's
>> heading information, that we currently ignore.
> If you mean the selected column in a shell folder view, that should
> not have any influence on the order of files returned for an IEnumIDList
> object. It does not and can't now about the column to use for ordering
> nor should it do any specific ordering AFAICS.
> This is supposed to be done by the IShellView through use of the
> IShellFolder's CompareIDs method
I was referring to iShellFolder2::GetDefaultColumn function. But you could be
right and this is nothing more then file system's way of storing files.

I know FAT will allocate first unused/deleted dir entry. But a new directory
will always start empty.

I have set a fix in which sorts all entries first - the part I was trying to fix
in the first place ;-)

Vitaliy Margolen

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