winetest results refused when run by wine

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Mon Oct 11 10:32:16 CDT 2004

Robert Reif <reif at> writes:

> Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> Robert Reif <reif at> writes:
>>> Couldn't winetest fill in the proper test results fields
>>> necessary for acceptance when compiled to an and
>>> run in wine?
>> Did you make dist in programs/winetest?
>> winetest-dist.exe is the program meant for submission, but
>> should be able to submit as well.
> make dist
> make: *** No rule to make target `', needed by `dist.res'.  Stop.
> For the built in wine, run with wine case, couldn't there be
> reasonable default values rather than reading them from a file?

That's exactly what we wanted to avoid.  Submitted results
should * not come from Wine but genuine Windows systems, and
       * be identifiable.
So we decided to require some (small, one time) effort of
people providing test suites.  For what you are doing, make
test seems worth consideration.  If I guessed correctly. :)

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