winetest results refused when run by wine

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Mon Oct 11 11:56:14 CDT 2004

Robert Reif <reif at> writes:

>>> For the built in wine, run with wine case, couldn't there be
>>> reasonable default values rather than reading them from a file?
>> That's exactly what we wanted to avoid.  Submitted results
>> should * not come from Wine but genuine Windows systems, and
>>        * be identifiable.
>> So we decided to require some (small, one time) effort of
>> people providing test suites.  For what you are doing, make
>> test seems worth consideration.  If I guessed correctly. :)
> [...] Why should winetest be restricted to windows only?

Well, it isn't.  It's just we'd like to see some
identification on the data published on the webpage.
Moreover, the processing scripts are not prepared for
reports coming from Wine, which would lead to confusion.  It
wouldn't be hard to fix, though, the report contains this
information, but it's not presented to the reader.

So, just read the README in the source directory, create
(and keep up to date) those pesky files and give it a go.
But we'd rather not drown in unusable reports coming from
people running every executable in the Wine tree, and that's
the reason for not having defaults.  We used to, btw.

If I still miss your point, and you don't find it hopeless,
please try to explain the difficulty you experience once more.

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