Wine on Debian on sun4m

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Oct 13 08:59:04 CDT 2004

Le mer 13/10/2004 à 04:56, Saulius Krasuckas a écrit :
> > (which won't run on earlier machines as the following comment says), 
> Vincent, do you mean different sparc CPUs are using different assembly
> instructions?

It's the same thing as x86: the 386 introduced 32 bit mode and the
instructions which go with it, the pentium MMX introduced the MMX
instructions, etc.

> > AND Debian don't provide the lwp libs, 
> I see there exist some Debian package on the net [1] called liblwp2, but
> apt-get on my box doesn't know about it. :-(
> > you can probably do the same using pthread primitives. I just hope that
> > Wine's pthread replacement functions do not call the interlocked*
> > functions, or it'll probably don't work correctly.
> pthread primitives?  Hm, reading what Wine src file should I start from?

You can get a list of the pthread functions in loader/kthread.c. Just
look at the name, some should have names similar to the _lwp variants.


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