nonclient.c and sysmetrics.c

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Wed Oct 13 11:01:04 CDT 2004

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> On Tue, Oct 12, 2004 at 09:12:09AM -0700, William Poetra Yoga Hadisoesen
> wrote:
> > 
> > Should I post those two files here (the diffs)? Or does anyone have a
> comment?
> If you have made a change that fixes the problem, please go ahead
> and post the diffs here, by all means.
> -- 
> Dimi.

OK, I've fixed some bugs:
1. Position of 'x' for close button (temporary hack)
2. Position and shape of caption for maximize button (temporary hack)
3. Position of caption for minimize button (temporary hack)
4. Caption button drawing (like off-by-one errors, wrong sizes due to wrong
metrics queried, etc.)
5. New metric values in winuser.h
6. Rearrangement of sysMetric[] elements initialization (to reflect the order
in the MSDN website), and changing of some methods there.
7. Colors of button edges (not complete yet, please help me)
8. Window icon (size and position)
9. Coding style fixes (maybe you don't want this, but... :-P)
10. ... (maybe I forgot some?)

I also applied (maybe part of) Richard Cohen's patch. I had been trying to fix
the problem and ended up with frustration before I googled for a fix (forgot
the phrase) and stumbled upon his patch... (his patch was submitted before I
subscribed). Anyway, anyone know why his patch didn't get merged?

There are still a few bugs I have noticed but haven't been able to fix; Can
anyone please help me?
1. [This bug appeared after I made my changes] The right and bottom coordinates
of the window, stored in its handle, is wrong (should be subtracted by one). Or
at least _maybe_ it's wrong. The symptoms are: the rightmost and lowermost line
of pixels of a window (that weren't supposed to be there anyway) are not drawn.
The window doesn't have the rightmost edge and the lowermost edge. I think
maybe this is related to the fact that CreateRectRgn doesn't include the
rightmost and lowermost part of a region (???).
2. The window borders have wrong colors. The color for LTInnerNormal should be
swapped with LTOuterNormal for window borders, as is done in Windows (at least
I observe this in Win2k).

By the way, should the UI do Windows 95 or later versions? Like 2K, XP (with
classic theme), or something?

Diff attached. Comments and ... suggestions, and ... HELP. I'm not a good
programmer, and such my diff may have many bugs. Also, I haven't created a test
so... ;)

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