.so dependancies in winegcc

stegefin at free.fr stegefin at free.fr
Wed Oct 13 11:52:44 CDT 2004

Selon Warren_Baird/CSI at cimmetry.com:

> Pierre d'Herbemont <stegefin at free.fr> wrote on 10/10/2004 01:50:39 PM:
> > Warren,
> >
> > On Mac OS X/Darwin .so and .dylib extensions are both used. In fact
> > .dylib extension is used for dynamic libraries (libwine*.dylib) whereas
> > dll.so and exe.so extensions are used for the dlls and the exe. So your
> > patch would break winegcc on Mac OS X.'
> Hi Pierre,
> Thanks for the info - I didn't realize how that worked on the mac.   I've
> redone my changes so that SHLIBSUFFIX and EXESUFFIX stay .so and .exe.so
> on MacOSX, and I've left the special cases for .dylib in place.   Let me
> know if you think this looks more reasonable.
> I've attached my re-worked patch.

Looks good for me, although I won't be able to test it on Mac OS X/Darwin for a


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