Commctl32 Stubs

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Oct 14 15:12:12 CDT 2004

Thorsten Kani wrote:

> Added
> -SetPathWordBreakProc
> -MirrorICON
> -ImageList_SetColorTable
> This Patch makes MSGina and native Shlwapi happy.
> With it, commctl32 can be replaced on Win2k SP4.

Thanks for the patch, but I'd rather get the params correct for the 
stubs. Can you let me know where each function is used?

> Changelog:  New Stubs in Commctl32: SetPathWordBreakProc, MirrorICON 
> and ImageList_SetColorTable

MirrorIcon is a nop on Wine at the moment. ImageList_SetColorTable is 
trivial with using DIBs internally now. That just leaves 
SetPathWordBreakProc. I believe that should set the word break proc of 
an edit control to one that understands paths. It shouldn't be too hard 
to implement if you leave it with me.

> PS: FirstPatchWarning:    Be warned (:

Good first patch, but leave it with and I should be able to implement 
these functions for you.


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