Problems using set in winedbg

Bill Medland billmedland at
Thu Oct 14 15:23:48 CDT 2004

Am I just doing this wrong or is it a bug?

I am trying to figure out a problem in an application.  I want to turn on reg 
and relay once I am into the program.  (If they are turned on initially I 
can't get into the program because of some sort of timeout or something).

I am following the instructions in the Wine Developer's Guide.
I start the program itself in one terminal and get past the timeout-critical 
In another terminal I start winedbg, use info process to find the id (there 
are three processes by this point), and attach to the process.
I can now do things like 
info share
info regs
Each time I get the Wine-dbg> prompt
If I type
    set + reg <return>
the debugger seems to sort of hang.  It doesn't give the prompt.  As time 
passes it complains about being not able to find rhe pdb files etc. but at no 
point do I get the opportunity to tell it to continue.  I have tried leaving 
it for 10 minutes after the last pdb complaint but still no success.
Am I supposed to get a prompt?

Bill Medland
mailto:billmedland at

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