Stupid thing to try ...

Thorsten Kani beebix at
Thu Oct 14 17:16:53 CDT 2004

Lars Segerlund wrote:

> I was thinking of a silly thing to try, namely replacing windows dll's with wines, does anybody have any thoughts about it ?
> I just thought about it as a debugging trick I wanted to try, but I don't know enough to evaluate if it's even worth trying.
> So what about it, is it worth giving a shot ?
> Regards, Lars Segerlund.
Hello Lars,

I am currently using the reactos ( tree to debug 
comctl32.dll under Windows.
For this to work, you will also need the Mingw package and a recent 
gcc/binutil package. (also available from there).

Also make sure to disableWindows File Protection.
I  am using a patched SFC.DLL + a tool called 'Wfpadmin' for the job.
If you have Problems, just mail me and i will try to help out.


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