Stupid thing to try ...

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Thu Oct 14 18:05:04 CDT 2004

--- Lars Segerlund <lars.segerlund at> wrote:
>  Ok, I get it, wine must us a binary loader for the windows dll's ...
> areasonable ...

Under Windows you can just compile the dll using mingw and then drop
the dll in to the program direct that you want to test. Lets say you
have a app name foo.exe you can copy the wine comctl32.dll to that
directory that contains foo.exe and the make a copy of foo.exe and name
the copy foo.exe.local When you create a *.exe.local file it exposes a
hidden hack in Windows that forces it to search the local directory
first for dlls no matter what the registry setting is. Note this only
works for comctl32, shell32, shlwapi, ole32 and a few others. Dlls from
Wine like user32, gdi32, ntdll, kernel32 and friends cannot be loaded
on Windows.

Like the other guy suggested you should checkout ReactOS. We support
building a good number of the Wine dlls for Windows.


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