Problems using set in winedbg

Bill Medland billmedland at
Fri Oct 15 13:52:44 CDT 2004

On October 15, 2004 10:35 am, Eric Pouech wrote:
(Thanks for the response)
> Bill Medland a écrit :
> > Am I just doing this wrong or is it a bug?
> >
> > If I type
> >     set + reg <return>
> > the debugger seems to sort of hang.  It doesn't give the prompt.  As time
> > passes it complains about being not able to find rhe pdb files etc. but
> > at no point do I get the opportunity to tell it to continue.  I have
> > tried leaving it for 10 minutes after the last pdb complaint but still no
> > success. Am I supposed to get a prompt?
> it normally takes some time as the way it's coded now, winedbg will have
> to load debug info for most of the DLLs before being able to do the
> first set +/- operation.
> So, after some time (20 seconds or so on my machine), you get back the
> prompt.
> Could rerun with WINEDEBUG="+dbghelp,+winedbg" and post the output ?
> A+
The issue is now a little irrelevant; I have a tiny program that fails to run 
in the same way as the big one.
Do you want to carry on looking into this to find out what is wrong in the 
winedbg or were you just offering to help me out?
If you want to investigate the winedbg failure I can post something (it will 
probably be big) but otherwise I suggest we drop it (and we can move on to 
the next problem)

Bill Medland
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