Fix various function prototypes

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Oct 16 22:39:00 CDT 2004

"Vincent Béron" <vberon at> wrote:

> > According to Platform SDK headers SHCoCreateInstance returns HRESULT.
> MSDN says it's void

Hmm, MSDN Library January 2004 I have here claims that it returns void
as well, and misses WINAPI altogether. That's wrong of course.

> I don't have latest PSDK.
> This will need to be investigated some more (although I'm leaning
> towards HRESULT).

And that's correct IMO.

> > P.S.
> > Do you compile Wine with _WIN64 defined on Alpha? That would be really
> > cool to see that going, clean our headers and fix all warnings caused
> > by 32 bit pointer assumptions.
> I have a patch coming (it's one of the others I have tonight) which does
> just that.
> And there's lots of warnings, lots of them...

Perhaps another target for a janitorial project. Perhaps we have to invent some
way for the Wine compilation environment to avoid introducing them in future.


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