Honor --disable-debug or --disable-trace completely

Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Sat Oct 16 23:01:36 CDT 2004

Le sam 16/10/2004 à 22:29, Vincent Béron a écrit :
> (Yes, the patch is gzip as it's over 200k)
> wine/debug.h has some tests based on NO_{DEBUG,TRACE}_MSGS, which is set
> (or not) in config.h. Quite a few files didn't #include config.h before
> wine/debug.h, so some debugmsgs were always compiled in, even with
> ./configure --disable-debug.
> Now maybe we want to install config.h as well, as debug.h is already
> installed. I'll leave that one to Alexandre.
> Changelog:
> Force inclusion of config.h before wine/debug.h.

Don't commit yet, make depend fails (config.h has been added to some
includes in some dirs). I'll resend.


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