fix tbn_deletingbutton

Robert Shearman rob at
Mon Oct 18 05:23:52 CDT 2004

Thorsten Kani wrote:

> Rob, i have tried your patch and it fixes the problem. 

Good. I've sent it to wine-patches. Thanks for reporting these problems, 
providing patches and testing proposed patches.

> By the way, your implementation of ImageList_SetColorTable also works 
> fine for me.

Good. I should have the other two functions done soon.

> I still have one question regarding the relation of  NMTOOLBAR.pszText 
> and TBBUTTON.iString:
> You did not use nmtoolbar.pszText here. Is it optional, because its 
> already in the TBButton struct ? 

Presumably so. NMTOOLBAR.pszText only seems to be used by the 

> If yes - what about nmtoolbar.rect then ?

AFAIK, that is only used by TBN_DROPDOWN (not documented on MSDN) and is 
used so that the popup menu appears in the correct place (just below the 

Please keep reporting any problems using comctl32 on Win2k. In 
particular, I would be interested in knowing if the Start Menu looks 


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