How to port c++ program to linux using winelib

Jia L Wu jwu at
Mon Oct 18 07:50:47 CDT 2004

I have a win32 program written in C++. I am trying to port it to linux
using winelib. The software contanis one exe file and several dll files. I
would like to keep this structure when moving them to linux. That is, I
still would like to generate several corresponding shared libraries
(instead of statically linking all files together) in llinux and they will be
loaded at the runtime.

However using winelib tools(winemaker, configure, make) for shared
library generation, I get unresolved symbols error.

It seems that I have to write a spec file for each dll to import(and
export) functions provide by other dlls. However, since they all written
in c++ and what need to be imported can either be class or class method,
and parameters can be class either. SO I don't know how to handle this in
spec file. Beside each dll file exports  many functions or classes. It
would be tedious to write a lengthy spec file manually.

My question is that if it is possible that linking is not invoked during
shared library generation under wine (but during the runtime)? How should
I do it?



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