Peter Riocreux par+wine_devel at silistix.com
Tue Oct 19 10:35:58 CDT 2004

I have a lot of WARNs from this function so I thought I would have a
shufty at it  to see if it was easy to fix.

The FIXME above it is written so as to suggest that it is a matter of
mere keystrokes to fix it up, or weeks of work, depending on your
frame of mind when you read it.

Still being a beginner (first patch now committed be Aj - yay!) and
not knowing about Windows programming, I don't know where to look to
decide which is the case.

The comment above it says:

 *           SWP_DoOwnedPopups
 * fix Z order taking into account owned popups -
 * basically we need to maintain them above the window that owns them
 * FIXME: hide/show owned popups when owner visibility changes.

It looks like, depending on some property of 'owner' it should or
shouldn't use the property SWP_HIDEWINDOW in the call to SetWindowPos

If this is the case I could fix it, if I knew how to determine when
'owner' is visible.

Do I also need a callback of some kind so that the popup is rendered
invisible when the parent is, even if SWP_DoOwnedPopups is not called
(or is that not (supposed to be) possible?)?

Is the WARN there only because of the FIXME and if I fix the FIXME I
should remove the WARN?


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