Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Oct 20 06:18:38 CDT 2004

Thorsten Kani wrote:

> Nice Patch - looks good now!
> i have changed the offsets and used SM_CXBORDER instead of SM_CXEDGE.
> (According to MSDN, cxedge is used for 3D while cxborder is used for 
> Flat )
> This seems to fix the"draw below" issue. Visual Experience comes now 
> really near native.
> I noticed that SM_CXEDGE is used everywhere, regardless of Style 
> Please review my attached Patch. It seems to me that this Stylechecks 
> shoud be used everywhere.

I don't think this is correct. If you change the return value for 
GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXEDGE) in wine/windows/sysmetrics.c then you can 
see that it does affect the spacing between border and icon (but our 
toolbar control doesn't exactly match the native for this).

> As for String position issue, maybe i can help out with the controlspy 
> check.
> Im interested in understanding the controls and wanted to play around 
> with CSpy anyway.
> Suggestions ?

You can download controlspy here:

It is very useful for throwing messages at the common controls, but it 
cannot test custom draw functionality and it is becoming dated (it is 
missing new functionality from comctl32 v5.80 and new controls).


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