Thorsten Kani beebix at
Wed Oct 20 11:19:37 CDT 2004

sorry- i meant SM_CYBORDER and SM_CYEDGE. (classical past_1:00am typo)
testing shows that using SM_CYBORDER instead of SM_CYEDGE affects 
appearence only minimal.
if this bug only appears while using it under windows, it shouldnt be 
really important.

Do you agree setting OFFSET_Y to zero is a good compromise in this case ?

Robert Shearman wrote:

> Thorsten Kani wrote:
>> Nice Patch - looks good now!
>> EDIT:  i have changed the offsets and used SM_C*y*BORDER instead of 
>> SM_C*y*EDGE.
>> (According to MSDN, cxedge is used for 3D while cxborder is used for 
>> Flat )
>> This seems to fix the"draw below" issue. Visual Experience comes now 
>> really near native.
>> I noticed that SM_CXEDGE is used everywhere, regardless of Style 
>> Please review my attached Patch. It seems to me that this Stylechecks 
>> shoud be used everywhere.
> I don't think this is correct. If you change the return value for 
> GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXEDGE) in wine/windows/sysmetrics.c then you can 
> see that it does affect the spacing between border and icon (but our 
> toolbar control doesn't exactly match the native for this).
>> As for String position issue, maybe i can help out with the 
>> controlspy check.
>> Im interested in understanding the controls and wanted to play around 
>> with CSpy anyway.
>> Suggestions ?
> You can download controlspy here:
> It is very useful for throwing messages at the common controls, but it 
> cannot test custom draw functionality and it is becoming dated (it is 
> missing new functionality from comctl32 v5.80 and new controls).
> Rob

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