wine developer guide

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Wed Oct 20 15:26:34 CDT 2004

While looking at the WDG (and please don't count me in about arguing 
whether it's WDG or WD'sG or WD'G), I came onto the Advanced Topics book 
after the two big ones ("Developing Wine" and "Wine Architecture")

I does seem very odd to me as it right now:
- it just contains "random" bits of information on some parts of wine
- we don't have (yet) a uniform way to qualify something of advanced

So my proposal would be to:
- get rid of "Advanced Topics" book altogether, and keep only 
"Developing Wine" (the way we'd like development going on) and "Wine 
architecture" (the way it works - or it's supposed to)
- move the various items from "Advanced Topics" to where they belong 
(see below)
- maybe tag in both the "developing" and "architecture" books which 
parts are really advanced (change of font, specific paragraph type... 
pick up the visual effect you like most)

The mapping that could be done would be:
14.1 Keyboard 		=> Architecture/X11DRV DLL
14.2 Undocumented API	=> somewhere in the "developing" chapter
14.3 accelerators 	=> Architecture/USER32.DLL
14.4 HW trace		=> somewhere in the "developing" chapter
			   (likely in debugging)
15   Porting to new OS	=> somewhere in the "developing" chapter
                            (likely in writing patches, to be renamed
			    as "coding practice" or so)
16   Consoles		=> Architecture/KERNEL32.DLL
17   Address space	=> Architecture/6.3.4 (as advanced material)
18   Regression testing => somewhere in the "developing" chapter
			   (in conformance tests)

Likewise, the 5.1 about adding new languages could be moved into the 
"coding practice" part.

If noone objects, I'll submit the changes.


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