[wineD3D] HW Vertex Buffer

Raphael fenix at club-internet.fr
Thu Oct 21 14:06:50 CDT 2004

On Thursday 21 October 2004 16:34, Ann and Jason Edmeades wrote:
> Hiya,

Hi Jason :)

> Re your new patch...
> Some of these are defining functions which dont exist yet in wined3d, which
> will get confusing. 

Well, it's only preparative work. I'll try to help you doing this "boring" 
part :)

> Additionally, the functionality for the wined3d vertex 
> buffer is almost untested, because its just copying code and ensuring it
> gets driven. 

I have tested it in a separate code. But i thought that including it directly 
into wined3d instead of d3d8 would be better.

> The d3d9 -> wined3d support isnt enough to prove your changes 
> actually work, and I would rather we didnt put in untested code during the
> migration phase.
> I'm finding it hard to keep track of where I am on the migration from
> d3d8 -> wined3d, so could I ask that you hold off this patch for a month or
> so, until I can get enought support into the wined3d library so you can
> prove the new code works. I could do with the d3d8, d3d9 and wined3d code
> staying fixed as I try to shuffle it all around.

As you want, i'll continue playing with my modified d3d8/d3d9
waiting you to complete wined3d migration :)
Alexandre, i can forget my patch 

> Once I get enough in wined3d to be able to prove parts of it work, and we
> are using it from both d3d8 and d3d9 then by all means put in this change.
> I'd also comment that this change is desperately needed as hardware buffer
> support should speed up the d3d support too.
> It seems odd to turn away new code, especially when hardly anyone else
> helps on the d3d side!

> Jason


Best Regards,
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