[wineD3D] HW Vertex Buffer

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 21 14:36:01 CDT 2004

>Well, it's only preparative work. I'll try to help you doing this "boring"
>part :)

Yeah - its painful going, but I'm doing it slowly both so I can be careful
to cross reference everything with the MSDN, but I'm also trying to keep
patches to a reasonable size and get them committed before I get to the next

>I have tested it in a separate code. But i thought that including it
>into wined3d instead of d3d8 would be better.

Sorry - I didnt mean to imply it wasnt tested as such, as I guessed (and
appreciated) the way you had done it. The 'problem' I have is when I change
the d3d8 code to use wined3d I would rather it was in the same state as it
is now, so regressions become obvious.

>As you want, i'll continue playing with my modified d3d8/d3d9
>waiting you to complete wined3d migration :)
>Alexandre, i can forget my patch

I think as soon as the device interface of d3d8 is modified to fully use
wined3d, then anyone can start changing things. I'll give you a shout
anyway, but it should be done in a month or 2 hopefully (but dont hold me to


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