Winedbg: watchpoints broken?

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Thu Oct 21 16:35:19 CDT 2004

Eric Pouech a écrit :
> Walt Ogburn a ?crit :
>> Hi Eric,
>> Thanks.  That fixes the watchpoints, but introduces a couple of small
>> problems:
>> 1) in dbg.y, break_add_watch_from_lvalue should take only one argument
>> (drop second argument)
> that shouldn't be that way (your fix is correct)
>> 2) in dbg.y, I have no minidump_write.  Should this be replaced with
>>     dbg_printf("%s\n", $2);    ?
> no, that some unapplied work (completly unrelated to the  patch)
>> After fixing these two things, breakpoints work, although the instruction
>> pointer displayed is the one just after the watched address gets written
>> to.  Perhaps this is the expected behavior, but it would be nice to have
>> the instruction that makes the write instead.
> no, we should point to the correct insn, I'll look into it.
in fact, it'll be hard to change it. ia-32 reports insn after the one 
that triggers the watch. The rationale beeing that you must execute the 
insn in order to now of the write change (unlike a seg fault where you 
cannot know execute the insn).
GDB behaves the same (it shows the line after the one that triggered the 

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