msdn: d3drs_wrap[0-7] ???

Devils Cry Devils-Cry at
Thu Oct 21 15:22:40 CDT 2004

> yes, its strange. having a real demo of use should help a lot

Okay, i tested what i did with a game but the game doesnt call it
directly so i guess its right what you said, its done be the
d3dtss_address thing. Ill have a _very_ close look at it as my
understanding of c isnt that deep atm...

> Hmm, i don't think it match exactly OpenGL WRAP specs
> but i haven't understand d3d wrapping specs, and i havent seen any 
> game using it to test :(

Try Chaos Legion, its really fun and it uses the wrap calls ;D

BTW, for ommiting redundances, ive currently done the
d3drs_lineantialias and the ive stubbed out the d3drs_debugmonitortoken
call, i think we dont need it.


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